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       Income Tax Preparation Services

We work to fulfill your income tax preparation needs using a variety of methods of contact

(phone, fax, email, scan, drop box etc) our clients who use our services.

2022 income tax filing year:
The due date for filing an individual income tax return and paying any related tax balance due is April 30th, 2023*

*Since April 30th, 2023 falls on a Sunday this year, CRA will consider your payment on time if they receive it, or it is processed at a Canadian Financial Institution on or before May 1, 2023.

IT’S EASY - How to submit your documents for income tax preparation

STEP 1 (You)

Prepare your income tax t-slips and receipts as usual. 

If you are coming to us for income tax services for the first time please include your previous years return (and notice of assessment if available).

STEP 2 (You)

Complete the Client Information Form and provide it to us in one of three ways:

  • Complete the form online and click submit, or
  • Print the form to fill out and include with your file you send to us, or
  • Simply write down the information requested in a note and provide it with your file

STEP 3 (You)

Submit your files to us using the method of your choice
See options below (i.e. scan, fax, drop box, mail etc)

 STEP 4 (Our Office)

As we work on your tax file, we will contact you for clarification if needed.  Once complete, we will send documents for your review and signatures.

STEP 5 (You)

You review, sign documents, and return signature pages to us

 STEP 6 (Our Office)

Once we have received your signature pages we will proceed with e-filing your return.
In the event there are original paper documents that need to be returned we will make arrangements to get them back to you.

Methods to exchange information and communicate with us remotely:




Stacie Van Liere – stacie@farrowfinancial.ca
Sally Szeider- MacIntyre – sally@farrowfinancial.ca
Ken Farrow – ken@farrowfinancial.ca

Scan and Fax

Documents can be scanned to any of our above emails or sent via Fax 519-644-2640

Office drop box

Income tax documents can be placed in our drop box at the front of our office (address below)

Larger items that do not fit in our drop box may be delivered to our office during business hours (M-F 9:30am -4:30pm) 


Items can be mailed to us at 14104 Belmont Road, Belmont ON N0L1B0


We are happy to offer meetings wherever required. Please call or email us to book a meeting.

Thank you for your income tax planning business.

Your Farrow Financial Team