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Need financial solutions? We can help you with that. Thumbnail

Need financial solutions? We can help you with that.

November is Financial Literacy Month; a time when you see lots of buzz on social media on financial planning topics.  The purpose is to educate people on all things financial, tips, budgeting, ideas, concepts for saving, planning and making your finances work for you.  It’s a time to remind people to refocus on their financial future.

For us, financial literacy is a year round topic. If you read our blog, or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you know we are always sharing financial articles, tips and topics.  We create and share lots of different financial articles and we offer a wide variety of financial services to our clients.

Sometimes people are surprised to learn about the variety of services and products we offer.  For Financial Literacy Month we are summarizing the range of services we offer within our Financial practice.  If you’ve been thinking about how any of these items fit into your financial picture please let us know and we can help.  Sometimes knowing where to turn is a good first step.

Review your investment portfolio

Investor profiling and risk tolerance analysis

After tax efficiency of investments

Accounts include: Non Registered and Registered Accounts (i.e. RRSP, TFSA, LIRA etc)

Products include: Investment Funds (Mutual, and Segregated), GIC’s etc


Plan for retirement

Comprehensive retirement planning and income projection

Pension, CPP and OAS analysis and retirement Income options

Accounts include:  RRSP, RIF, LIF, LRIF, RLIF etc

Products include: Investment Funds, Annuities etc


Pension and Severance Packages

Advice and planning for pension packages, buy outs, commuted values and severance packages

After tax planning for options

Insurance for financial security

Insurance protection for the unexpected

Products include: Life insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance


Insurance for your Travels

Insurance protection for the unexpected

Products include: Travel Insurance


Health and Dental Benefits

Heath and dental Benefits, for business, and personal

Products include: Group Benefits, Personal Health Benefits


Save Money on Mortgage Insurance

Insurance through an insurance company can be a more secure and cost effective option

Products: Life insurance/Mortgage Insurance


Save for your child’s Education

Estimate future education costs

Create education savings plan

Maximize government grants

Products include: RESP (Registered Education Savings Plan)


Income Tax Returns and Tax Planning

Utilize financial products with preferential tax treatment

Tax deferral, tax savings, income splitting

Services include: Income Tax Preparation, After-tax planning


Create Estate Plans

Transfer wealth effectively from one generation to the next

Minimize probate and estate taxes on transfer of family wealth

Services include:  Estate planning and advice


Establish a Farm Succession Plan

Effectively transfer farm assets to children

Farm succession without dissolving the farm operation

Services include: Agriculture financial planning and advice


Manulife Bank referral program

Partner with Manulife Bank to help provide our clients with the best banking solutions

Partner with Manulife Bank Consultant

Products include: High Interest Savings Accounts, Mortgage with Bank Consultant


Putting thought to these categories for your own situation is a great step on your journey towards financial literacy and ongoing learning.  Financial problems create the need for financial solutions.

And yes, we can help you with that.