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How digital and social media are changing investor advisor relationships

Digital and social media have been changing business and consumer relationships in many ways.  Research shows that up to 60% of today’s customer decisions are based on what they discover online as part of their full customer service experience.


It reminds me of when I was looking for a specific style of boots recently.  Rather than drive from store to store, I searched websites from my smartphone to determine what direction I would drive in to find boots.  I was surprised to discover one store did not have a website at all.  So what did I do?  I went to the next on the list without another thought.  Just like that, the store was off my radar.  I admit I didn’t think twice about it, and I’m not alone.  Times have changed.  Customers want businesses to offer a solid digital and or social experience as a part of their full service offerings.


As consumers we want information at our fingertips.  We want to see what’s new in an easy access format, on our own schedule.  We want access from our computer, tablet and smartphone.  We like to access information on our own terms.


The financial business, and specifically independent financial advisors in Canada have been slow to offer social media features to investors due largely to regulatory requirements.  Yet, investors need to access valuable financial information just as they can access information on other products and services they use.


While financial planning is much more complicated than buying a pair of boots, there is still a need for financial planners to offer quality online resources to clients.


We are pleased to say that in addition to our website which is continually being updated, we are now able to provide current financial news, updates and articles of interest through Facebook and Twitter social media channels.


There is so much an investor can benefit from when they have a known source of reliable news and information on financial topics.  Investment and financial products can be complex with a risk of misunderstanding.  We need accurate information to be available to Canadians to help people better understand their financial choices, and improve overall financial literacy.  Financial advisors play a huge role in educating clients about financial issues.  Investors need to know they can go to a trusted source for accurate information.


Digital and social media platforms provide an easy framework for which to share valuable information with friends and family who may also benefit.  In fact, many parents see social media as a great way to teach their teens or young adult children about money management and financial topics.  They can easily share valuable financial insights through articles on social media.  It’s a great way for one generation to share valuable advice using a method welcomed by the younger generation.  In fact, from our blog earlier this year, Letter to 20 year old me. Choices and Financial lessons has been one of our most shared articles between parents and their children.


What doesn’t change?  Your relationship with us.  Personalized service is of the upmost importance to us as always.  One on one meetings dedicated to your unique situation is at the core of everything we do.  None of these digital features are designed to replace our personal relationships with you but rather enhance your experience with us if you choose.


If you are interested in connecting with us on social media, please join us!


Facebook – NEW!

You can now keep updated and follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/farrowfinancial

While teenagers and young adults were once considered the primary users of Facebook, research suggests that baby boomers are the fastest growing demographic of Facebook users.  People of all ages find the Facebook platform a good way to connect with family and friends and access current news and information from companies and organizations that interest them.


If you click ‘Like’ and 'Follow' on our Farrow Financial Facebook page you should automatically start to see our updates coming into your newsfeed.  You must have a Facebook account to be able to do this.


Twitter – NEW!

You may be surprised to learn 55 – 64 is the fastest growing age bracket of Twitter users.  If you are a Twitter user and want to connect, you can find our twitter account under Stephanie Farrow as our Farrow Financial twitter host @farrowfinancial or https://twitter.com/farrowfinancial  


As another option, if you would like to access the information in our tweets but are not interested in becoming a Twitter user, you can simply view our Twitter feed which is now visible at the bottom of our website homepage and click on any links in the feed that may interest you. 



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Website updates:

Last fall we gave our website a facelift where you will find lots of valuable information at your fingertips.  We have continued to enhance our website, continually providing new and current information.


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Quotes now available – NEW!  Quotes are now available for Health and Dental Insurance, Travel Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance from Manulife Financial directly through our website by clicking one of the images at the bottom of our Resources Page.


As always, we thank you for choosing us for your business.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.  We are always interested in topic ideas for our blog and newletter you would like to learn more about.  Please feel free to share your ideas to help us bring you financial news and topics that matter to you.


Stephanie Farrow, B.A., CFP., Stephanie has over 20 years experience in the financial services industry, a diploma in Financial Planning from the Canadian Institute of Financial Planning and Certified Financial Planner designation.  Stephanie has been writing a financial planning column for the local business magazine Elgin This Month since 2010.  Stephanie and her husband Ken Farrow own Farrow Financial Services Inc.  About our Farrow Financial Team.