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Farrow Financial, we're moving ... but not far Thumbnail

Farrow Financial, we're moving ... but not far

It turns out that 2017 is a year of milestones for us.

This year marks our 25th year in financial services for Ken and I.  Most surprising for us is how we got here so quickly.  When we think back to when we started our financial careers we marvel at how much has changed over the years.

Yet in the same breath, to be at the 25 year mark seems surreal.  In my mind someone with 25 years under their belt is … well … old.  How can that be us already?

We’ll opt to take a positive spin and consider ourselves, experienced and mature in our careers.  Yes, let’s go with that.  25 years brings a wealth of experience and we have many great years ahead of us providing value to our clients and doing what we do best.

Our business will continue to mature and grow in the years to come.  And as they say, ‘The road to success is always under construction’ which is exactly where we’re headed once again.  Quite literally.

We're moving, but not far; only across the street.

At Farrow Financial, our next big 2017 milestone is our office location.  We’re moving, but not far.  While we service clients throughout Ontario, our office will remain in this wonderful community of Belmont where we live, play, volunteer and raise our children.  Farrow Financial will continue to be a fixture of local business in Belmont.  We’re only moving across the street.

We have been in our existing office space for 12 years, since 2005, and it’s been the perfect size and location for us.  Stacie also joined us around that time and has been with us ever since.

Earlier this year, our small community lost our local bank when they decided to close this particular branch after many years of business in Belmont.  The bank has been a cornerstone in our community for many years so it came as a surprise to to our local residents, myself included.

In my opinion, this was an unfortunate decision, and one that doesn’t reflect our growing and thriving community, however these decisions are generally made at a corporate level, not local, so I see how this ultimately came to be.

We have watched the comings and goings of the bank from our front office window for years, and in January of this year it became empty and quiet with a big for sale sign out front.  I must admit, it was sad to watch.

After careful consideration, we decided this building could be a good fit for us, and for the long term growth of our business.

As of today, we have taken ownership of the former bank branch building across the road from our current office and we are pleased to share this exciting news with our clients and community members.

We will undergo renovations over the coming months and if all goes as planned we hope to be doing our business in the new office in January 2018.

Stay tuned, and ‘Like’ our Farrow Financial Facebook page if you are interested in updates.  We will be sharing our progress on the renovations and the start of our exciting new chapter.

We didn’t plan it this way, but it is ironic we would have these two major milestones in 2017; to celebrate our 25th year and embark on a new office location at the same time, but it somehow seems fitting.

A big thank you to our clients.  We are fortunate to deal with some of the most amazing, kind, smart, successful people we’ve had the pleasure to meet.  We know you have a choice for your financial, investment and tax planning needs, and we thank you for choosing us.

We look forward to starting our next chapter in 2018 and what the next 25 years will bring.