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Our clients love the spirit of giving Thumbnail

Our clients love the spirit of giving

Our clients love the spirit of giving! 

This year, rather than send paper Christmas cards in the mail to our clients we opted for the more environmentally friendly option of sending our greetings electronically as long as we have their email.  In addition to saving some trees and reducing landfill waste, we decided to make donations instead to a couple of local charities.

Our clients welcomed this change with open arms, here are some of the comments we received back from these wonderful folks:

 "Love the idea of donations to these two charities on behalf of your clients, thank you!"

"I love this"

"That's awesome, thank you for your generosity, and saving the planet:)"

"Happy to learn you are donating to worthy causes this Christmas season - it makes so much sense"

"Glad you've made the change:) Thank you for your gift toward environmental health and your generous gits to the wonderful charities that you've chosen"

A big thank you to our clients as they embrace the spirit of giving this Christmas!