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Merry Christmas and Donation to New Beginnings Thumbnail

Merry Christmas and Donation to New Beginnings

We wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.  We are grateful for our valued clients and we thank you for choosing us for your business.

This Christmas season we have donated to United Way Elgin Middlesex New Beginnings Loan Fund which gives interest-free loans of up to $500 to support women with basic needs so that they can safely leave abuse in the home.  Loans cover costs of such things as moving or storage, home repairs, rent or utility costs, home security, transportation, legal costs and providing basic needs for children.  Loan repayments are returned to the Fund for the benefit of other women who need the help in the future. 

In the spirit of sharing what this is all about, and for anyone interested more in this program, United Way Elgin Middlesex President & CEO Kelly Ziegner shares an impactful summary on her experience with this program and what as little as $27 can do.

Merry Christmas from all of us at Farrow Financial