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Compassion kits for women's shelter Thumbnail

Compassion kits for women's shelter

We joined in with the East Elgin Leo's and created a couple compassion kits for donation to local women's shelter as part of their community outreach initiative.  Thank you East Elgin Leo's for the great community work you are doing!

To add to this community post, we thought we would share Stephanie's Facebook post on February 11th and her experience shopping for our items to donate.  It is touching and illustrates the need for initiatives in our communities like this.  

Facebook post February 11th, 2020

Have you ever had a conversation or chance meeting you know you will never forget?

 Yesterday I was purchasing some things to donate to the East Elgin Leo’s community outreach initiative to make ‘compassion kits’ for a local women’s shelter (see post information below).  

 As I checked out, the cashier commented on the items I was purchasing (shampoo, lotion, socks, brushes, deodorant etc) and said “Looks like someone is going away.  Are you stocking up or heading on a trip?”

 I replied, “No, they are donations to a women’s shelter as part of a community outreach program.”

 She looked at me softly and seriously and said, “That is so nice. You have no idea how much these things are needed.  As a child we lived in and out of women’s shelters growing up.  These kinds of donations make such a difference.”

 Meanwhile, the cashier beside her was listening and joined our conversation. With the same soft but serious nature she said, “Thank you so much for doing that.  My kids and I had to rely on the women’s shelter two times.  These donations are so helpful, you have no idea.”

 They both proceeded to thank me again for the donations based entirely on their first-hand experiences in women’s shelters.


 The fact that these women were side by side cashiers at the same time I checked out was ironic.  The fact that both these women felt comfortable to share their stories with me in a random public setting was touching.  I will always remember these women.

 These women represent the faces of the many women and children who need these programs.  Support and donations have such a direct impact on their lives.

 I believe I was meant to cross paths with them and hear their stories.  I also believe I was meant to share their message.

 Thank you East Elgin Leos ( Belmont Lions Club ) for choosing this cause for your first community outreach initiative.  I urge everyone who is able, to consider donating to this cause.

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