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"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" - Lau Tzu

At Farrow Financial, we can help you get there.

With 25 years experience in financial services, we provide clients with after-tax planning advice and products to meet their investment, insurance, retirement and estate planning needs.

Helping our clients create a plan and evolve it over time is our strategy for keeping clients happy for life.

To our loyal clients, we know you have a choice. Thanks for doing business with us.

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Latest Blog Posts

In your mailbox; when something isn't quite as it seems

Published by Stephanie Farrow B.A, CFP, Certified Financial Planner on Sep 11, 2017

An envelope arrives in your mailbox which appears to have come from Canada Pension Plan.  It is in a brown envelope; the type typically used by the government for correspondence and reads Shortfall to...

Farrow Financial, we're moving ... but not far

Published by Stephanie Farrow, Certified Financial Planner on Jun 01, 2017

It turns out that 2017 is a year of milestones for us. This year marks our 25th year in financial services for Ken and I.  Most surprising for us is how we got here so quickly.  When we think back to ...

RRSP and RRIF; Deregistration Strategy

Published by Stephanie Farrow, Certified Financial Planner on May 01, 2017

If you have contributed to an RRSP it is considered for tax purposes to be ‘registered’ ; as noted in the name; Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), and the same goes for its retirement income counterpart;...

Your opinion matters. Vote for future eNewsletter topics here.

Published by Stephanie Farrow, Certified Financial Planner on Apr 12, 2017

Our survey is short but your opinion matters. Our goal is to provide financial topics in our eNewsletters to meet the interest to our clients.  Please click on the link below to vote for a few topics ...

Retirement: When you’re ready to start spending your RRSP savings

Published by Stephanie Farrow, Certified Financial Planner on Apr 02, 2017

Many people spend their working years accumulating a sizable RRSP (Registered Retirement Savings Plan) account and as they approach retirement start to wonder about the specifics of when and how to draw...

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